About Amaara Residences

Among the city hustle and bustle, find your true haven at Amaara residencies. Four walls and aesthetic furnishings can represent a flat, but a home is defined by its surroundings and by the course of evergreen life in the form of lush green gardens and refreshing vibes.

Long sidewalks and greenery all around, it will be just like you are residing in nature’s lap and playing around(as a child).Ever dreamt of a heavenly house? You walking on the sidewalk with your soulmate, cool breezes, warm hands, is all that you can add to your dream. Hop on the ride to never look back and towards pure bliss asAmaara Residencies will make your dream of a heavenly house (among the long trees) come true at affordable prices.Don’t just dream but open your eyes to watch them come true.

Dreams and fantasies are not the thing to succumb upon but rather taking a flight towards the superiority is the brighter action.Take a leap of faith and invest in a plan which will decide your future and the present too. Situated at Sector-12 Old Gurgaon, come and experience the true definition of luxury and lead your life to become a superior being from the ordinary masses.

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