Overview One Indiabulls Gurgaon Sector-104, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon

Perfect living at One Indiabulls Gurgaon

Everybody dreams of a house that can be called a home. And it is not just the lavish necessities that can be obtained within four walls that are surrounded by a jungle made of concrete and bustling city lights and the traffic. A house becomes a home when a family lives in it and makes countless memories. It becomes a better home when it is enveloped around with greenery and breathtaking landscapes. A home keeps the capability of nurturing your soul if it gives you your personal space and time. It becomes an ultimate destination that helps you rejuvenate yourself away from the maddening crowd for the next day. Who wouldn’t want a house, worth calling a home, as such?

To get your ultimate destination that feels perfect, One Indiabulls Gurgaon should be your first destination.

One Indiabulls Gurgaon is situated on the Sector 104, Gurgaon on the Dwarka Expressway. The location is easily accessible to the airport as the distance between them can be covered within minutes. A few steps cover the area between the border of Delhi and Gurgaon.

We call homes “ultimate destinations” for a reason. These four walls become much more than just concrete and bricks when a family begins to live here. It is the paradise that the family has the privilege to share together. While looking out for homes, we give massive emphasis on the surroundings. We want to ensure that they are safe, hygienic and everything is easily accessible and convenient. One Indiabulls Gurgaon guarantees you a safe neighborhood. Other aspects include a swimming pool, gym, playground, garden, jogging track, parking area, basic and luxurious amenities too and a standard of living.

At One Indiabulls Gurgaon, the art of living has been escalated to a whole new level. To sum up the interiors of your house, we have designed rooms in a way that welcome sufficient sunlight, are separately provided with ambient lighting, fully air conditioned bedrooms, professionally designed dwelling units, contemporary kitchens, walls with precise finishing and top of the line fittings. If this is something that has not convinced you to the fullest, let us talk about what else One Indiabulls Gurgaon has to offer.



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